Wrift Digital Case Study

Matas Kaucikas CV.

We helped Matas Kaucikas get his CV website online to aid in the success of his career and help with stand out from the crowd in interviews.

What we did

Wrift Digital skilfully brought the Matas Kaucikas CV website to life, showcasing the seamless blend of visionary concepts and digital innovation. We began by creating a unique logo, drawing inspiration from the Lithuanian flag’s colours to reflect his national origin. Then, we designed and organised the site’s pages, including sections for experience and education, presenting his CV in a tech-themed layout.

We worked closely with Matas throughout the build to ensure that his vision was brought to life. With a careful attention to detail ensuring the quality of the site met expectations.

Matas Kaucikas is delighted with his revamped CV website. The site not only aligns with his personal branding but also serves as a  showcase his career progression. It provides flexibility for future job hunting endeavours, allowing easy updates as needed.

Services used

What the client thinks

"I recently worked with Wrift Digital to create a website for my portfolio, and I was blown away by their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to quality."
Matas Kaucikas CV Case Study