Wrift Digital Case Study

Matas Kaucikas.

A CV website for a back-end developer

Wrift Digital skilfully brought the Matas Kaucikas CV website to life, showcasing the seamless blend of visionary concepts and digital innovation. We began by creating a unique logo, drawing inspiration from the Lithuanian flag’s colours to reflect his national origin. Then, we designed and organised the site’s pages, including sections for experience and education, presenting his CV in a tech-themed layout.


Matas Kaucikas




Project outcomes

Interviews secured, aided by the website


Increase in pay from a job move

Star review from the client

What the client thinks

“I recently worked with Wrift Digital to create a website for my portfolio, and I was blown away by their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to quality. From the very first consultation to the final product, Wrift Digital was with me every step of the way, ensuring that my vision was realised in a way that exceeded my expectations.”

Matas Kaucikas – Back-End Developer Consultant at Avanade

How did we help Matas Kaucikas?


We creating an engaging website that highlights his CV in a visual way, aiding in the success of his career and allowing him to stand out from the crowd when applying for new roles.

What content management system did we use?


We used WordPress for the content management system (CMS) to make it easier for Matas to manage and maintain his CV going forward with ease.

What impact has the website has on his career?


Matas has let us know that the website aiding in successfully securing 10 interviews and this resulted in a 25% increase in pay when he moved roles.

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