Wrift Digital Case Study

MSK Auto Repairs.

A one-page website for a local auto repair shop

We crafted a visually appealing and intuitive navigation, ensuring an immersive online experience. Coupled with compelling copywriting infused with the brand identity, the website conveys their passion for automotive excellence. Through this project, MSK Auto Repairs has seen a significant boost in their online visibility and customer engagement, establishing themselves as a leader in the automotive repair industry.


MSK Auto Repairs



Project outcomes

Keywords ranking in the top three


Increase in conversions through the website


Increase in average session duration

What the client thinks

“Wrift Digital built my website in a quick and efficient manner, their whole approach and attitude was polite, punctual and straightforward. I highly recommend Wrift Digital!”

Mehool Kale – Managing Director of MSK Auto Repairs

How did we choose relevant keywords to rank for?


The keywords were selected based on their relevance to MSK Auto Repairs’ services and the search volume associated with each term. By targeting these keywords, we aimed to improve MSK Auto Repairs’ online visibility, driving more traffic to the website and increasing the likelihood of converting visitors into customers.

What did we do to improve average session duration?


We focused on creating a user friendly website design with streamlined navigation and optimised content, making it easier for visitors to access the information they were seeking. We strategically placed CTAs throughout the website, encouraging visitors to explore further. The website was fully optimised for mobile devices, and load times were improved.

What measures were taken to increase conversions through the website?


We implemented clear calls to action (CTAs) and integrated a simple and easy to use contact form. This resulted in a 25% increase in conversions through the website.

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